Patch Management

Patch Management

Managing Security Patches for All Platform Software Can Be a Daunting Task

We can help alleviate this burden on your internal resources.

Depending on your choice of operating system and third-party OEM software, such as RDBMS, security software and various applications that enable management of systems, the sheer number of periodic security patches for these platforms makes internal patch management a cumbersome and extremely time-consuming proposition.

Installation of untested patches may adversely affect the functionality, performance and vulnerability status of your SCADA system or applications software. Non-deployment of a patch could also expose you to potentially serious vulnerability and NERC compliance issues. Your system maintenance staff faces an ever-growing burden due to the sheer volume of patches.

We can simplify your life by offering a holistic approach to patch management. Prevention is paramount to a sustainable patch management strategy.

We use a holistic approach in dealing with risks posed by third-party software patches to our clients. Our risk mitigation starts with prevention rather than post-treatment. We isolate and limit the use of risky third-party platform software. Where we use such software, we limit our interfaces and interactions between our platform and the third-party software in a well-defined and loosely coupled manner to minimize the impact of changes to the third-party software on our core software. The result is an automation platform that is more immune to vulnerabilities posed by third-party software, and one whose security integrity is much easier to maintain in response to the sheer number of security patches being issued on a weekly and monthly basis.

Our expert solutions include:


  • We test all the missing updates to check for compatibility issues and provide recommendations on deployment of patches.

Remediation Planning

  • We work with enterprises to architect an effective remediation plan specifically catering to their business needs.


  • Our industry experts schedule and deploy patches to mitigate any user interruption and advise enterprises in planning stage itself if their environment is not suited for fast patch deployment. The deployment process starts with a pilot and an agreed roll out.


  • We provide you with a detailed and comprehensive report on which patches have been deployed along with the repair activity and overall success.