Migration Services

Migration Services


  • OS Migration

  • Database Migration

  • Application Migration


Migration Strategy


Phase 1: Pre-Migration Planning


It is advisable to perform a pre-migration impact assessment to verify the cost and likely outcome of the migration. The later you plan on doing this the greater the risk so score



Phase 2: Project Initiation


During this phase Crystal will create a typical project documentation such as risk register, issue register, acceptance criteria, project controls, job descriptions, project progress report, change management report, RACI etc.

They do not need to be complete but they do need to be formalised with a process that everyone is aware of.

Phase 3: Landscape Analysis


It is important not fall foul of the load-rate bottleneck problem so to prevent this situation , Crystal will ensure that it fully assess the scope and volume of data to be migrated.

Focus on pruning data that is historical or surplus to requirements .Create a final scoping report detailing what will be in scope for the migration and get the business to sign this off.

Phase 4: Solution Design


By the end of this phase Crystal will have a thorough specification of how the source and target objects will be mapped, down to attribute level.


Phase 5: Build & Test/Stabalize


The migration planned in the Solution Design Phase needs to be build. The purpose of the Stabilizing Phase is to improve the solution quality to a level that meets the acceptance criteria for release to production. The team completes tasks and creates deliverables toward this end. Stabilizing Phase testing emphasizes usage and operation under realistic environmental conditions. 


Phase 5: Execute & Validate


During this phase, the team's clear goal is to place the build system into a production environment. The team must obtain approval from those who are going to use the new solution. After the build system is installed in the new environment and used successfully, the new users can sign off to signify the end of the fifth phase.


Phase 6: Decommission & Monitor


There will typically be a number of pre-conditions that need to be met before a system can be terminated.

Crystal will ensure that these are fully documented  and agreed (this should have been done earlier) so you can begin confirming that the migration has met these conditions. There will typically be a number of pre-conditions that need to be met before a system can be terminated.