Crystal's Program in Information Security & Ethical Hacking

About this Course?

The CPISEH is a program designed to make you an perfect IT professional who can fulfill requirements of changing IT world. While most certification programs are geared towards purely technical know-how, the CPISEH also arms you with the necessary technical skills in order to help you make your mark in this exciting field. The best part about the CPISEH is the fact that you get hands-on practical training on live projects. It covers a wide variety of topics, starting right from the basics, and then leading up to various information security domains in depth.

Why should you attend this course?

The CPISEH is the only completely hands-on, real-world oriented IT course. It is a course designed by IT professionals from different domains like Security, Availability, Consulting, Compliance etc. You get personally mentored by the best in the business. This is a group of people who have worked on prestigious international & domestic projects, presented at the leading security conferences around the world, and written numerous books and articles.

The CPISEH has been designed by IT Security Expert, Mr. Rajesh Gawde / Mr. JaydeepRuparelia / Mr.UttamKhot, who brings almost a decade of information security experience, and consulting experience with clients such as Cipla, Tata AIG, HDFC Bank, and numerous others.

How does the CPISEH work?

The CPISEH is a 6 months full time training-cum internship program, which comprehensively covers all the main concepts of IT which requires becoming a successful IT professional. Our mentors are available to help you clear up concepts, discuss technical issues, and take you through the entire courseware. After the CPISEH you have the option of signing up for a 1 month intensive hands-on internship program, which will help you get the practical exposure on live projects and radically improve your skillset. This could be done during weekdays as well while you are studying for the CPISEH, or it could be done on weekends or weekdays after your CPISEH training is over.

The CPISEH is for experienced IT professionals / as well as fresher who would like to fill in the missing gaps in their security domain knowledge or skills. Say for instance, that you've been a network administrator and are very well-versed with firewall configurations, VLANs, Active Directory, etc. However, you lack knowledge regarding the compliance standards such as ISO 27001, ISO 20000, BS 25999, as well as security auditing of databases and operating systems, etc. The CPISEH fits in precisely in such scenarios, and helps you develop a well-rounded portfolio of information security skills and know-how. Additionally, to get to the next level, we'll also train you on presentation skills, report writing, and business communication.

For those looking at obtaining a position as security consultants or security managers, you need not look further than the 8-week CPISEH program. For those, who are looking to break into the security domain, you should probably also evaluate doing the 2 month hands-on practical internship.


What live projects would I be working on?

The USP of the CPISEH is the fact that you'll be put on live projects. Once you've completed your study material, and have cleared the tests you will be put as an understudy on the actual projects being executed at our firm. These include penetration testing projects, compliance projects, security audits, etc. You may either be involved for the entire project or for parts of the project. The duration of the practical training will be of 2 months.

What are my options after the CPISEH?

The whole world opens up to you after the CPISEH. The opportunities are many and quite lucrative. Depending on your previous experience and your performance during the CPISEH:

             You will be part of Crystal’s one of the five teams (Security, Availability, Manageability & Services)

             You will also automatically be prepared for the product exams like McAfee, Symantec

             You will be prepared for the Professional & most demanding courses like CEH, CCSA, CCSE & many more.

100% job guarantee.

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