Vulnerability Assessment

Regulatory pressures as well as the risk of data loss have caused organizations to take a closer look at the security of their infrastructure. Crystal Solution Pvt. Ltd.'s Vulnerability Assessment allows the customer to better understand their security posture both from the Internet and the internal network. This answers several key questions:


•Would our current platform configurations pass a regulatory audit?
•What does your network look like to an attacker on the Internet?
•What is my security posture on my internal network?
•Are my organization’s patch and configuration management process effective?
•Are our investments in new technology exposing us to risk?


Our assessment services answer these questions and provide the customer with 3rd party security validation. Crystal Solution Pvt. Ltd.'s assessment follow a proven methodology that that leverages industry best practices, years of experience, and regulatory guidance. Each assessment is delivered in seven phases:

1. Scope/Goal Definition
2. Information Gathering
3. Information Analysis and Planning
4. Vulnerability Detection
5. Attack & Penetration/Privilege Escalation.
6. Result Analysis & Reporting
7. Cleanup


Crystal Solution Pvt. Ltd. uses cutting edge assessment tools coupled with the skill and expertise of seasoned security engineers to provide an accurate and complete depiction of the organization's exposure to risk.