Crystal Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Signs MOU with Electromech Corporation

Crystal Solutions Pvt. Ltd. India's pioneer in Information Security since 1994 Signs MOU with Electromech Corporation who is pioneer in Open Source solutions/Services since 1996, both the company will be using there expertise to deliver "Single Source for All Secure Open Source Requirement".


With the world economy in shambles many businesses are already battening down the hatches expecting rough seas ahead. IT budgets will shrink along with all other budgets, and maybe even more than other budgets. After all, companies still need to advertise, expand and pay their workforce, they may not be able to do without new servers or software or IT Infrastructure. That is where Crystal Solutions Pvt. Ltd. & Electromech Corporation Being one of the Pioneers in Information Security / Open Source Industry, has worked on concept of “Open Source as single secure source for all your Requirement” which we will help to keep the ship sailing in Secured and economical manner.


Today we have many open source products that are just as feature rich, reliable, and usable as their closed source counterparts. There are lots of examples in this space like Open Office, Red Hat Virtualization, Sugar CRM, Content Management System - Drupal, Web Application development on Ruby on Rails and many more…


But those who haven't tried out these products might reply with. "I've never heard of product X." Or "Yeah, but I need professional support!" to meet the customer stated requirement we at Crystal Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and Electromech Corporation jointly Has a team of experts who will deliver the required services meeting security and solutions requirement.


Open source applications don't have one thing that their closed-source brethren have: heavy licensing cost. Certainly you'll still have support, deployment, and possibly hosting costs; but you have those costs with closed source software as well. The difference is that you'll save the money you would have put toward licensing fees and now you have that to put toward implementation and support costs which is comparatively very low then the commercial products. Crystal Solutions Pvt. Ltd. with the rich experience in Security solutions has worked on the concept Secure Open Source Services with Electromech Corporation, to know more on this contact us on we will send the approach model for “Single Source for All Secure Open Source Requirement”