Radio One

94.3 Radio one is a joint venture between Next Mediaworks Ltd and BBC worldwide. We operate in 7 Indian metro cities namely Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune and Ahmedabad.


Radio One’s promise of maximum music, maximum choice is changing the way people listen to music on Indian radio. Breaking new ground by playing 13 songs every single hour, we play at least 1200 more songs more every month compared to the average of the rest of competition. Furthermore, we are the only station, that does not repeat songs in the entire day. We have increased music choice manifold, with the belief that listeners prefer brand new songs and classics within the same hour. Our Jocks are called Music jocks and not Radio jocks because they are passionate music specialists who love music entwined with the sound of their voices. They keep things brief and interesting, thereby allowing listeners to enjoy the maximum music experience .


On the business front, 94.3 Radio one was voted the number one radio brand in the Pitch magazine

brand-o-meter survey done amongst 135 of the top media decision makers in the country. It was ranked 7th in the overall media list containing radio, print, television and internet brands. Considering the brand is just 3 years old this is a wonderful boost to our belief in ‘metro innovation’. We have always given the brands who advertise with us ‘maximum impact’ through our ‘maximum ideas’. Our business case studies speak for themselves.